Universal Design

Here are key elements that may be present in an accessible Universally Designed home.

Zero Step Entry. Whether you are a senior who has arthritic knees, a child with a physical disability, or even a young mother with a baby on her hip and a grocery bag in her other hand, having a zero step entry makes life easier and safer. At least one no-step entry to the house either through the front, back, or garage door is recommended.

Triangle Universal Design Services Wide, zero-step front entry home.

Wider Doorways. Doors should be at least 32 or 48 inches wide for ample room for anyone to pass through.

Lever-Style Door Handles. These handles will make it easier for anyone to open and a door because it doesn't require any grasping or twisting to operate.

Aging in Place House Plans in Raleigh, NC

Covered Entryway. Not only will an entryway covering help protect the porch from precipitation, but yourself as well from rain and snow preventing potential slips and falls.

Home with covered entryway. Covered, front entry way home.

Level Sidewalk/Driveways. Uneven sidewalks or driveway can be hazardous to walk on. Leveling them can also prevent future accidents.

Home with level sidewalk and driveway. Home with level driveway. Level sidewalk/driveway home.

Smart home wiring: Sorry, I do not have a picture of this, but it is basically all the special wiring so you can have as much assistance technology as you could imagine in your home.

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